behind the camera

For us, taking your picture is just an excuse to be your friend. We started shooting as a favor and found out that there are a lot of cool people out there that we could meet. There’s probably someone somewhere that says we have too much fun, but whatever. We figure that if we can make you comfortable while we’re holding cameras, you’ll look better in front of the lens.

So this will serve as a warning, we’re a little bit out there. We eat a lot of pizza. We own dairy goats, horses, the cutest mini-aussie in the world, and a llama. I make stupid jokes that Casey secretly enjoys, but will, as a rule, never laugh at. We quote movies. We have a good time wherever we are. The rule when you shoot with us is, we hang out, you look pretty, we take pictures, everyone’s happy, and sometimes there are snacks. (We love snacks.)

Photo courtesy of Becca Young Photography

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